We are so pleased to introduce our new therapeutic retreat in Mazatlan Mexico

The first of its kind.

Our goal is to offer the most innovative, comprehensive and effective healing model on the planet. Our clients will discover how to rebalance every aspect of their lives starting with brain chemistry. This substance-free program is centered around new techniques that breakdown old associative neural networks that drive dysfunctional thinking and behavior and through a deeper understanding of brain plasticity we use our proprietary process to in a sense reboot the brain without the need of any medication. Next we focus on rebalancing the body with a combination of treatments that optimize health and well being. All of this takes place in a luxurious boutique hotel that has been transformed into the perfect location for the Therapeutic Retreat, exclusively for Trilluminate. Below you can view images of the  location, see a sample of the day’s agenda.

Therapies Offered:

  1. Group dynamic counseling
  2. .Family dynamic counseling
  3. Couples counseling
  4. Addiction therapies
  5. CBT
  6. Narrative therapy
  7. Neuro alignment therapy
  8. Neuro feedback
  9. Eagala
  10. Equine therapy
  11. Acupuncture
  12. Chinese medicine
  13. Anger manager
  14. Smart recovery
  15. Art therapy
  16. Dance therapy
  17. Play therapy
  18. Blood analysis
  19. EMDR
  20. EFT
  21. Homeopathy
  22. Team building
  23. Connected classroom strategies
  24. Multi-disciplinary strategies
  25. Intervention strategies
  26. Psycho-educational calsses

Organic Juice bar and Smoothie bar Available from 8AM Till 10PM

I spent a couple of weeks with Todd back in 2009. During this time, Todd, with some assistance of his family and friends; helped open my eyes to a set of beliefs that I wasn’t even aware I had. After learning about and working through his model of addiction, I was better able to understand myself as an individual, my positive system of beliefs, and most importantly the ability to recognize the manifestation of my “False-Self”. Negative self talk, my addiction to sadness and how I identified with it, and my self destructive tendencies; All of these things operating in a subconscious cycle of pain and payoff, thanks to the conditioning of my mind over the years.
There is far too much to say about Todd and his model in a short testimonial; but what I can tell you is that meeting this man and learning about what he had to offer, set my life in motion to becoming the individual I am today…

-Michael P


A Typical Itinerary

An average day at the retreat may look like this:

Important note : Each clients stay is as individual as the clientes themselves. The list of therapies and a activities means each day can be filled with many options for personal growth and fullfilment…

I can say that todd ritchey saved my life. I was at the point where my anorexia had consumed the majority of my body and all but my heartbeat. I had no will to go on. My family was desperate and lost with what to do when they learned about his help. I was so skeptical and very resistant to the idea of it, but within a couple hours of talking my heart was freed. Three years of hospital and psychiatrist treatment was over with in a day of real talk. The theory that my problem was an addiction and not a disease really hit home; if I had a disease I would want to cure it yet I still held on to my destructive path. He helped me see my power in what I had created for myself and how the addiction drove me in the exact opposite way that I naturally craved to grow in. He helped me remember my true self, my true values, and the way to pursue the life I deserved. I was far from the only one to be saved by his knowledge. He taught my whole family the truth which freed all of us from the lies of addiction and balanced our family dynamics. There’s of course always work from now on, but we have the wisdom and tools now to do this together. I know I will never go back to where I was. I know the lies and I know what freedom tastes like (no pun intended!).

-Chloe, Vancouver