• I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend The Answer Model Workshop, presented by Todd Ritchey in Kamloops on May 11 and 12, 2012.

    The workshop was amazing. It gave me a whole new framework to look at my addictions and empowerment to get them under control and even get rid of them forever. I have never been so certain that this is possible as I have been since attending this workshop. Todd Ritchey was a dynamic speaker.

    He held my attention and interest for the entire two days. He was clear, logical, knew his material well and was very empathetic to the workshop participants.
    I look forward to attending more workshops presented by Todd and would recommend The Answr Model Workshop to anyone wishing to gain more personal insight.

    -Leslie Whitmore
  • Working with Todd Ritchey and learning the premises of the answer model impacted my life more than I could ever have imagined. I was on the loosing side of of a war within myself, but through this process I learned a completely new perspective on life that I will never take for granted. We identified my addictive drives as well as my true self and now I am more equipped than ever to live a balanced and impactful life.

  • Sarah is an adventurer and an educator. Daily she strives to find her centre; reflecting and exploring to better understand her authentic self and the world that surrounds her. Sarah lives to connect and honour her soul at all levels, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. She comes alive when she is in nature, summiting mountains at sunrise, paddle boarding the coast, or adventuring local spots. She centres herself through meditation, yoga, and journaling practices, finds her strength in the gym, and nourishes her soul with amazing food.

    Sarah has a BA in geography, an education degree specializing in social and emotional learning from the University of British Columbia, and is currently completing her Masters in Educational Leadership and Management at Royal Roads University. Sarah believes that skills of self-awareness can be taught, grounding her educational practices in a philosophy that honors educating the heart along with the mind.

    In her early 20s Sarah began a battle with bulimia, and although this came with emotional instability at times, she has embraced this piece of her life as an incredible opportunity for growth and self-discovery. It is through her healing process that Sarah was connected with Todd, learning and living the Answer Model. Although her journey is ongoing, she sees herself as a mentor, an individual that can support others the way Todd supports her.

    -Sarah Dalzell
  • I began working with Todd when I was near death after a series of severe personal stressors had left me with a drug and alcohol problem, failing health and business, mounting legal problems, divorce and daily suicidal thoughts. As a highly successful Physician and a Professional Athlete I was ill prepared for the overwhelming stress that I faced during these darkest of days. I worked with Todd on an intensive program to identify the root causes of my problems, develop strategies for coping with them and ultimately heal, forgive and move forward.

    Through his Answer Model we were able to identify many of my ADDICTIONS and I was amazed at how this information, the truth behind many of my dysfunctional behaviors, shined a light on my internal struggles, past traumas, and maladaptive behaviors. This ultimately revealed the reasons behind my substance abuse, interpersonal problems and toxic emotions. The truth will set you free became my mantra and now has become my life.

    Five years later I am once again happy, healthy and inspired beyond my wildest dreams. I married the woman of my dreams, have a beautiful baby along with my three sons in college, and bought a home of a lifetime. I have lost 30 pounds and cured the new onset diabetes and high blood pressure I had developed. I’m extremely fit and competing in the world championships once again this year. I’m once again Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine. I am even writing a book on this very subject and its application to athletic and sport performance. But most importantly I have the tools to deal with anything, I am at peace now and will remain this way forever. I could never have imagined how great life could be but Todd put the spark in my life for change and helped me develop a whole new paradigm for living: Love, happiness, peace, courage and inspiration. I highly recommend his service. Thank you Todd and The Answer Model!”

    -BK, MD