What is riding?

It is a complete physical activity, not only for its sporty look, but also by the peculiarity of sharing it with a living being: A HORSE; and a contact open and natural environment. It is the discipline of riding in the right way, doing various exercises within one of the most complete sports, where all the muscles are worked, from head to toe in a more enjoyable way.

What are the benefits?

Riders improve their vertical and horizontal balance, regulate muscle tone and posture, better regular motor coordination.

General welfare, improves self-esteem, confidence, develops perseverance, discipline and the fact that controlling an animal transmits greater security and takes fears away.

The binomial (rider-horse) develops respect, responsibility, perseverance, empathy and love for animals. The positive attitude promotes and facilitates greater family and social integration.

Improves attention, concentration and focus; essential qualities for an educational preparation.



What you need?

The desire to carry out a fun and healthy embrace with nature, be committed and accept joyfully the advances in your psyche you will aquire.

Do I need a horse?

No, we will provide one for you.

When do the courses start?

Classes are personalized with a maximum of 2 students per class and begin the day that you sign in at the times you choose, depending on availability.

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Eagala Certified Professionals.


Dr. Claudia Rojas Ayon 

Name: Claudia Rojas Ayón.
Occupation: Veterinarian specialist
Children: Maria Fernanda Vazquez Rojas.
Address: Puebla, Pue.
Occupation: Student.

College: School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, A.C.
Cholula, Pue.
From: September 1987 to July 1992
Bachelor degree Completed, Without Professional Title


Dr. Hugo Velazquez

Name: Hugo Luis Velásquez Iniestra.

Brief Description:

Professional able to use his knowledge at the field or office, whether working together as a subordinate or as supervisor of a group. Clinical knowledge in the livestock area, zootechnical, administrative and sales.