Blas Nayar portrait

Blas Nayar

A fine artist born in Nayarit, Mexico, He has a gallery in Mazatlan, Mexico called Nautilus, in the Historical district. He shows his paintings in many places in Mexico, California, Canada, New York, France, Italy and Japan.

His work expresses the natural elements of the world that we all identify with, love and enjoy.

Blas Nayar make a lot of handcrafted things, just as jewerly with stones, clay, seeds, and found objects from the beautiful Pacific Ocean. He makes leather hats, clay – raku ceramic pottery.

Blas wishes to show you his art for your enjoyment, and welcome you to visit his studio in Mazatlan.

He teaches art at Technologico Monterrey, and many other private universities.


Silvia Flores Bernal

Mazatlán, Sinaloa

Graduated from In Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences. Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa.

Graduated from Drama school. Centro Municipal de Artes de Mazatlan, having as
teachers in: Acting: Ramón Gómez Polo, Voice: Meche Contreras, Mime and Clown: Emma Miorín, Performance: María Tarriva *.

Actress and founding member of Iguana Roja Teatro, the official Drama company of the Arts and Culture Institute under the leadership of Ramón Gómez Polo.

Academic Coordinator and teacher in the Drama school of the Arts Centre. Has participated in several plays as an actress and assistant director, participated in two short films and has taken several workshops of clown, acting, voice, among others. With teachers as Héctor Mendoza, Raúl Quintanilla, Ricardo Ramírez Carnero, Juliana Faesler, David Olguín, Boris Schoemman, Nara Salles, Cie. Hecho en Casa, Avner Eisenberg, “Roy Hart Technique” Miguel Alonso.