We are a holistic, therapeutic healing retreat. We remove all labels. You are not a drug addict. You may be addicted to drugs. You are not an anorexic. You may be struggling with an eating disorder. We specialize in effectively dealing with all types of out of balance states and dysfunction that drives us into deeper and chronic patterns of pain.


  • Addictions of all kinds
  • Mental illness of all kinds
  • Relationship ( group) dynamic dysfunction
  • Neurosis of all kinds
  • Physical pain and many other health related issues

Some people may want to simply rebalance or revitalize while others may want an intensive integrated healing protocol. We offer a wide variety of options. Something specific and unique for every single guest.

Trilluminate is a company of diverse people deeply committed to making the world a better place

Neuro-Alignment Therapy

Trust, loyalty and respect are foundations to all of our endeavors; first, with each other and then with our clients.

Courage and love lead to truth and the truth will set all of us free – free from suffering any number of modern-day dysfunctions. We have developed what we believe to be the most effective therapeutic model on the planet. This interdisciplinary model is founded on the latest research in neuroscience, anthropology and psychology and is the most advanced unified model of human behavior available today.

What is happening at Trilluminate ?

Working with Todd Ritchey and learning the premises of the answer model impacted my life more than I could ever have imagined. I was on the loosing side of of a war within myself, but through this process I learned a completely new perspective on life that I will never take for granted. We identified my addictive drives as well as my true self and now I am more equipped than ever to live a balanced and impactful life.”


The foundation of our model is psycho-educational in nature

This means success in allowing our clients to heal and rebalance their lives

With this approach, we believe to be equipping our clients with the tools that will prepare them for trauma and challenges that have yet to present themselves in their lives. Equipped with this insight, our graduates will understand the concept of being 100% personally accountable in the creation of their life experience. We believe this to be the only way to build lasting self-esteem and confidence. Then and only then can we embrace the magnificent nature of our ‘True Self’.

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